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Hilary Weaver is an up and coming eighteen-year-old singer and songwriter with a passion for singing, a
lovely mesmerizing voice, and a desire to be the next big pop star. Hilary’s first CD, co-written with songwriter/producer Mark Zubek, is set to be released in
September this year. Hilary’s voice and songs are receiving accolades and creating a buzz in the industry
and a long and promising music career is the consensus.
Hilary took time from her busy schedule to answer
questions from What If?’s music reviewer, Chelsey
WF: Tell me about your new album. Is it true that it’s coming
out in September?
HW: Yes. My first album will be called “Tell the Next Girl”
after the first song that I co-wrote. I’ve been working on it
since last summer and it will be ‘officially’ released in
September – I am so excited to actually have a real CD of my
own! Some of the songs are already available for download at
my website, The album bases itself for
the most part around the whole aspect of being in love, breaking
up, and making the full circle of coming back around to a
happier life.
WF: You’re 18, and attended the Etobicoke School of the Arts,
graduating this year, right? Considering everything going on in
your life, was graduating high school a minor accomplishment
in comparison?
HW: Yes, I just turned 18 and graduated this year in the class
of 2009 from Etobicoke School of the Arts (ESA). I spent grade
12 at ESA and was involved in a lot of cool opportunities. For
example, I performed in a full production of the musical
“Urinetown” and was able to experience another side of the
music business throughout the preparation process for that
production. This last year of high school for me was the
busiest school year of my life. The workload for school projects
was very heavy and I was constantly in the studio after
school writing and recording songs.
Graduating high school is a very important accomplishment
of which I am proud. I have been accepted to the prestigious
Berklee College of Music in Boston for January 2010.
Unfortunately I didn’t get a scholarship, so I will be working
and saving.
WI: Your first song ever recorded back in 2007 was a cover of
“Ordinary Miracle” by Sarah McLachlan for a Christmas
album that your voice coach gave to her students. Would you
say that moment really showed you how far you’d come and
that you were doing well? Did you choose Sarah McLachlan
for a specific reason? Did that song have any meaning to you?
HW: I will remember that day for a very long time. I remember
it like it was yesterday. I was sitting in the waiting room to
go into a real recording studio for the first time, and I was so
nervous. This experience was the first time that I realized
what I loved and where I truly belonged. This was the point
where I finally appreciated all the vocal lessons as I was finally
able to truly hear all the hard work paying off. Julie, my
coach, picked the song for me, so I give her the credit for a
lovely song choice. Singing the song allowed me to understand
the message of appreciating the simple things in our world and
not taking them for granted.
WI: You’ve listed a number of Canadian artists as your influences,
such as Céline Dion and Michael Bublé. Do you think
you have a Canadian style?
…our music interview
Hilary Weaver interviewed by Chelsey Cosh
HW: I do not think that there is one Canadian ‘style’.
Personally, I believe that each individual artist has their own
style and don’t believe it is based on your country of origin.
Canadian artists are obviously my first influences as they are
from my home. I have grown up loving Celine Dion. Her
amazing voice just moves me. I went to see her perform
at the Air Canada Centre; she stood on
stage alone at one point, in the centre of that
huge place, and sang and it was just aweinspiring!
WI: Your school choir performed
three shows at Broadway Rocks at
Roy Thomson Hall with the
Toronto Symphony Orchestra.
Most school choirs get to see the
Orchestra, not be part of the show
themselves. How do you think the
opportunities you’ve had at school
have benefited you? Did you ever
wish you were elsewhere, at a standard
high school?
HW: The opportunities I received
from ESA were extremely beneficial to
me as a musician. They allowed me to
know the real expectations in the music industry
and to gain professionalism as well. I actually
started my high school journey at Lawrence Park CI, then
changed schools to Vaughan Road Academy in the Interact
program and then finally made my way to Etobicoke School of
the Arts for my last year of high school. Throughout the year
I was at ESA, I really did want to go back to Vaughan as that’s
where all my close friends were. However, I was able to take
advantage of the amazing opportunities I was given and still
managed to stay close with my closest friends.
WI: “Tell the Next Girl” was played on Breakfast Television on
May 28th, 2009. It was your mom that sent them an e-mail,
right? Tell me what happened there.
HW: My mom, my sister Meredith and I watch Breakfast
Television every morning. On May 27th, it was a really
gloomy day and they were asking people to write in to tell
them about any good news going on to brighten up the day.
My mom, as witty and quick as she is, immediately got her
Blackberry out and sent them a quick email saying that my
song “Tell the Next Girl,” was going to be starting US radio
play in a couple of days. We were shocked and excited when
they picked that email to read on the show! They mentioned
on the show that they wanted to hear the song, so my mom
emailed it to them and they played it the next day. It was really
cool to hear it being played on TV for the first time.
Breakfast Television is great that way. They are so interactive
with their audience; that’s why we love the show.
WI: Speaking of “Tell the Next Girl”, does it reflect something
that happened in your own life?
HW: Yes, a personal relationship that I had. Writing this song
truly came very easy to me because the break-up had recently
occurred and I was able to deal with my emotional feelings at
the time through writing and singing this song. It has a different
approach as it kind of is a self-confidence booster
for the girl, giving the message that you
should not blame yourself. She is a strong
girl and is telling the terrible guy that
deceived her that she finally sees
through him. This is definitely one of
my favourite songs on the album
because it is so personal.
WI: You worked with Mark
Zubek, the songwriter and producer
for your first album. How
did you meet Mark?
HW: I had been working with a
different songwriter, but things
weren’t progressing well. My mom
found out about Mark, checked out
his website, his background, and some
of the work he had done with other
artists and then our collaboration began.
We’ve written a number of songs together, but
it is really funny that the first song that we did,
“Tell the Next Girl”, is viewed by a number of people in
the industry as a possible hit. I hope so.
WI: What is your favourite song or album right now that you
can’t stop listening to?
HW: Right now my favorite song is “I Gotta Feeling,” by the
Black Eyed Peas. It is a great, fun song to rock out to. No matter
what mood you are in this song will make you feel better
about anything. Love it!
WI: What do you want the public to get out of your music?
HW: I really want the public to just love my music, and to have
a connection with my music – whether it makes them want to
sing along, or dance or, depending on the song, cry.
WI: Do you have any suggestions for singers or other performers
that are just starting out? Any advice for them?
HW: The best advice I can give to them is, if you love music,
then strive for it. Make sure you have a strong team behind
you. This industry is more competitive than ever and you need
to have a good group of well-rounded and good-hearted people
who believe in you and your music, no matter what. It’s
your dedication and hard work that will really get you far.
Most of all, you need to love what you’re doing. If you don’t
love performing or being in the studio for hours on end, don’t
go any further because it is just going to get more and more
intense. I wish all upcoming artists the best of luck and urge
them to never give up!

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