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“Hilary Weaver is an up and coming singer/songwriter. Her lyrics are strong, yet soft. Her songs send out tonnes of emotion.

You can hear her musical influences in her songs, such as Sarah McLachlan, and Norah Jones. However, not in an overwhelming way. Like a little spice to a simple, yet delicious recipe.

She has great vocal range and you can clearly hear plenty of genres in her music and singing style. It is Pop, with undertones of rock, punk, and country. Any fan of these types of music is sure to become an instant fan of Hilary Weaver’s talent.

I can imagine listening to “Put Your Hands Up” or “It Can’t Be With You” climb on a top 40 list. Her lyrics are catchy, yet understanding. It’s easy to relate to her feelings, and songs.

The industry is over saturated with musicians that all sound the same. However, in Hilary’s case, she has a freshness about her. Although Hilary is young and it’s early in her career, with songs like, “Tell The Next Girl” that is a very typical emotion to most teenage girls, which makes it that much better.

Requests for her songs will be no doubt all over the radio as soon as the rest of Canada, and other regions throughout the world catch on.

Keep up the great work Hilary, and I am looking forward to the CD release this coming September.”

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