Category: Press

It Can’t Be With You – Awarded Top Ten!!  Assessed title and hook, originality, lyrics, rhyme, melody, composition/structure, and imagery/poetics/metaphors:  Very strong effort with a memorable hook and catchy chorus melody.  Lyrics are well crafted and consistent.  You have all the elements of a hit song.  Very nice job indeed!

Tell the Next Girl – Awarded Top Ten!!  Assessed  Once again, you have a very strong song that could be a hit.  Lyrics, hook, melody and structure are all solid.  You have a bright future ahead of you!

Put Your Hands Up – Category winner – Pop!!!  Outstanding job!! Great lyrics, catchy and well crafted.  Superb vocal performance. Good melodies in verse and chorus. Strong chorus hook.  Very creative arrangement, good instrumental performances, an extremely well put together tune. Loved it!!

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