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A teenage Canadian singer/songwriter with a little angst and a little more attitude, sound familiar?  Now I’m not going to fall into the trap of making comparisons with a certain other Canadian you may have heard of because I feel that this young artist deserves credit for her obvious talent in her own right.  Her songs cover all the bases, being in love, being lost, not to mention a parting shot at a boy in the form of the incredibly powerful “Tell the Next Girl”, a song which oozes passion, proving girl power is safe for another generation, it’s all there.  Hilary’s music is good old fashioned pop that also incorporates rock attitude with a little country thrown in for good measure, delivered in a mature and powerful yet girl next door style.  ‘It Can’t Be With You’ shows off an unwavering strong voice and superb song writing ability for someone so young and if ‘Put Your Hands Up’  was to gain any sort of radio air play it would no doubt be a chart hit.  Hilary plans to release an album in September of ’09 and with her ability to gel well thought out and at times sensitive lyrics with catchy hooks and superb melody it can only be a matter of time before an international hit is on her hands, remember the name.’

‘“Tell the Next Girl”
Potential Pop Princess from Canada, Hilary Weaver plans to release her debut album later in 2009 and “Tell the Next Girl” must surely be considered as a single release.  The teenager from Ontario is in the fortunate position to have a well written and superbly performed track in her locker at such an early stage of her career.  The song is a full on broadside at an ex-boyfriend whose selfishness and lies have gone a step too far. I don’t know if the song is written from first-hand experience but if Hilary’s potential lives up to this offering the said guy may live to regret his ways! – See more at:

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