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Ever since I was young I would always look in the mirror and tell myself, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not skinny enough and I never will be. I would continuously try in anyway possible to make myself look perfect. I would wear tons of make up to cover my acne so my face could look flawless. My hair would have to be perfectly straight or done. I would try to have what everyone else was wearing to fit it and blend, so I wouldn’t stand out from the crowd as being weird or different. My whole life I’ve never felt good enough. This is something I have struggled with now even more by being an artist in the music industry. I’ve got a spotlight on me all the time, which can make it extremely difficult.
It is emotionally and physically exhausting to try to be perfect all the time. The truth is you can’t and I can’t, no one is PERFECT.  This is something I’m still learning and trying to deal with every single day I wake up. The fact that it’s OK to walk out the door without make up on, that it’s OK that I’m a size 12 right now. IT”S OK! Not everyone is the same size, same look, and the same person otherwise the world would be a boring place. Variety is beautiful no matter what shape or form. There is so much more to a person then what there is on the outside. Looks might be the first thing someone sees’, but if they judge you just on that, then what kind of person are they? You have to like someone for you they are as a person, not whether they are a size 2 or have perfect complexion. It’s the inside, heart and soul of a person that truly matters.

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