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“Pop music is a lot harder than it sounds. Sure, writing a pop song is pretty easy… most of them follow the same structure, use the same sort of chords, have the same rhythm, etc. But writing a GOOD pop song, well, that’s a lot harder.

The reason? It’s almost impossible to define what makes one pop song a hit and another one a miss.

Hilary Weavers’ music has all of the typical elements of pop music that you’ve heard before: lyrics about boys, love, and finding your way in the world…. clean vocal sections followed up by a quick ‘through-the-telephone-sounding’ section, then back to the ‘open’ sound… not a lot of surprises or twists or turns.

Which is, again, what MAKES pop music so tough: you can’t stray too far from the formulas, or else you’ll be too obscure for the radio, but sticking to the formulas can make it sound boring. So penning a successful song means it has to fit right into that special ‘pocket,’ where the elements are put together in that very special way, known to all of us, around the world, as ‘a hit.’

I wouldn’t say that any of these songs fit into that pocket, but damn, do they come close. “Tell the Next Girl” sounds like it could be one of the songs that almost made it onto an Avril album… and by almost, I mean THIS close.

Hilary is OBVIOUSLY a talented, creative performer and songwriter. Her voice is strong, pure, and unwavering. It’s only a matter of time before the voice and the songwriting combine to hit that pocket perfectly, at which point, she’ll have a hit on her hands.

If this performer sticks to her guns, relaxes a little bit vocally, and shows her personality, she could very well find her self on stage in front of a lot of fans for the long haul.

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